The Renaissance Center Chamber Series

Premiere Season Spring 2010

January 21 – The Iris Chamber Players
March 18 – Artist TBA
May 13 – Artist TBA

Created in conjunction with the art gallery openings at The Renaissance Center, The Renaissance Center Chamber Series was formed to showcase local chamber groups in an effort to bring awareness to classical, acoustic music for small spaces. When paired with the gallery openings of the visual art exhibits, this music series will provide an aural accompaniment in a pleasant marriage of the arts.

Chamber music is instrumental music intended for a smaller setting, as opposed to a big, formal auditorium. It is frequently referred to as “big music for small spaces.” In the past, chamber music was often performed at peoples’ homes or in small auditoriums. There is often only one performer for each part, such as only one pianist and one clarinetist. Although this music is on a smaller scale than an enormous symphony, it still is written with as much emotion and beauty as a larger-scale work. The music of a small chamber ensemble has the same power to stop a person in their tracks and take their breath away. There is an enormous amount of beautiful chamber music that many people have not heard. The goal of The Renaissance Center Chamber Series is to expose middle Tennesseans to this amazing music in a wonderful atmosphere. We also want to break down the barrier of the formal music concert. We want people to understand that there they can enjoy classical music without having to be formal, and that classical music does not have to be relegated only to a stuffy concert hall. People can just quietly enjoy the music as they please while they peruse the beautiful artwork. One can sit and relax, or simply walk up, and enjoy a free performance of beautiful, classical music.

Call for Chamber Groups:

The Renaissance Center Chamber Series is always looking to showcase chamber groups from the Middle Tennessee area. These are volunteer performances. However, free marketing, a chance to play in the beautiful rotunda of The Renaissance Center, and spreading chamber music in middle Tennessee will make the experience worthwhile. Also, as a performer, your group can display a “donation jar” for donations and also sell any merchandise you have.

The art opening lasts from 6-7:30 pm and we ask that your group play two sets of at least 35 minutes.

We currently have openings for the following dates:

• March 18th and May 13th

• Fall 2010 (3 dates open)

If your group is interested in performing at The Renaissance Center Chamber Series, please send a group biography/resume, as well as a CD of a recent performance.

For more information or to submit a bio/CD, please contact Lauren Winkens at:


The Renaissance Center
ATTN: Lauren Winkens/TRC Chamber Series
855 HWY 46 South
Dickson, TN 37055

Resident Chamber Ensemble:

The Iris Chamber Players are the resident chamber ensemble of The Renaissance Center. Comprised of TRC adjunct faculty, the group is strong-willed in its goal of showcasing beautiful chamber music to Middle Tennessee. Formed in the fall of 2009, The Iris Chamber Players have a rotating roster in an effort to play many styles of chamber music. For booking information, please contact Lauren Winkens at

  • Connie Haun
  • Whitney Petty
  • Lauren Winkens

See their Bios on the Music Staff Bios page.