TV Studio

TV Studio

Our TV studio gives you the opportunity to pull off a studio shoot without busting your budget, or compromising on quality. That commercial project, training video, interview, host presentation, or marketing video can have an expensive look at a price well below the standard cost of studio space.

TV Studio Control Room

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the TV studio at The Renaissance Center:

  • 60' x 40' studio space with a standard 16' lighting grid.
  • three Sony DX-30 triaxed digital pedestal cameras with teleprompters. (ENG cameras also available).
  • Stanton Jib "Triangle" camera crane, up to 24' in length.
  • ETC Express lighting board with 1k and 2k Desisti lighting instruments.
  • ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal pattern projectors, scoops, cyc lights, etc.
  • Wrap-around black cyc and white cyc.
  • On staff Technical Director with 20 years of experience.
  • Product mastered to DigiBeta, Beta SP or DVCam.
  • Existing sets; original set design and construction also available.

Even if your client has a small budget, you can still deliver a BIG LOOK! To find out more, and for a tour of the studio, call Steve Hall at (615) 740-5506, or e-mail at