Bill Cody and Janet Ivey

Tennessee’s Wild Side

An original production of The Renaissance Center MultiMedia Department, Tennessee’s Wild Side continues to be the premiere outdoor show in our state!

Produced in partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Wild Side is an action-filled, fast-paced program that shows thousands of enthusiastic viewers the diversity of outdoor adventures just outside their door, or a short drive down the road.

And we’re not just talking about stories that appeal to the avid hunter and angler. In addition to the latest hunt or fishing trip, Tennessee Wild Side’s award-winning writers, producers, and videographers open the door to unique outdoor activities, introducing viewers to some very special people, and to the need for land and wildlife conservation. Numerous Emmy Awards, and a recognition as the "Best Outdoor Show in North America", demonstrate that Wild Side and the TWRA are doing their job well.

Tennessee’s Wild Side is hosted by Bill Cody and Janet Ivey. It airs on PBS stations throughout the state, and on Kentucky Educational Television.

Find out more and watch episodes online at Tennessee’s Wild Side has a spinoff specifically for dedicated hunters and fisherman at