Marketing & Commercials

When you have only fifteen or thirty seconds for a commercial, or even just a few minutes for a marketing video, convincing people that your business is the best game in town is a tall order. Every micro-second counts! Which is why The Renaissance Center MultiMedia Department gives every marketing video loads of quality, creativity, and tons more bang for its budgeted buck.

Marketing and commercial productions by The Renaissance Center are a partnership with the client. We know the success of your business depends on getting the word out through the marketing mediums of television and the internet. Sometimes the straightforward approach works best, other times it takes a sense of cleverness and fun. Whatever the approach, successful communication is the goal.

Our clients – including local and national companies such as Intermedia, Cheekwood, Jewish Federation of Nashville, Mediacom, Tennessee Department of Tourism, Wellness Environments and Thomas Nelson Inc. – come to us because we believe solid ideas and quality execution go hand-in-hand.

Revenues from commercial projects are used to enhance all of our learning and education venues within The Renaissance Center, a non-profit organization.