Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

Education Videos

Schools thrive on community involvement. And to keep the community involved you have to keep it informed. In keeping with that objective, The Renaissance Center MultiMedia Department continues a years-long tradition of producing a series of energetic, highly visual, and engaging videos for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.

Over the past several years, this northern Tennessee school system has used the production services of The Renaissance Center to inform and involve parents and students, and the wider community of educators. The result has been healthy and vibrant public schools, and efforts that have earned the Clarksville school system recognitions such as a regional Emmy Award, and The Golden Award of Excellence from The National School Public Relations Association.

Revenues from commercial projects such as those for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System are used to enhance all of our learning and education venues within The Renaissance Center, a non-profit organization.