Ancient World meets The New Shape of Learning 2004

The Parthenon will partner with The Renaissance Center to present The Sunset Lectures in Art History

Release Date: 6/3/2004. Expired: 7/6/2004

Every Tuesday evening from 5:30 -7:30 during the months of June and July, we will offer special lectures by Libby Lacock the chairman of the speakers Bureau at the Parthenon. Both the beginner and the more experienced Art History student can profit from the slides and lectures.

Are you intimidated by Art ? Do you feel that you would like to know more about it? Did you have it years ago in school and would like a refresher? Then this art course is for you.

We start at the very beginning with the cave paintings and go through the development of art through the Roman Period in the first session. The second session in July will cover Art from the Early Christian and Byzantine period, through Art of the Middle Ages. You will see art presented in the historical setting in which it was created. Finish off your day with a relaxing art getaway!



  • Tuesday, June 8th: Introduction to History of Art and Prehistoric Art
  • Tuesday, June 15th: Egyptian Art and Art of the Near and Middle East
  • Tuesday, June 22nd: Greek Art
  • Tuesday, June 24th: Etruscan and Roman and Art of Pompeii



  • Tuesday, July 6: Early Christian and Byzantine
  • Tuesday, July 13: Medieval and Romanesque
  • Tuesday, July 20: Gothic
  • Tuesday, July 27: Islamic and Textiles

Time: 5:30 to 7:00

Cost: $60.00 for each 4 week course

Sorry we can not take reservations for individual Tuesdays. We have no objection to joining with a friend if you can not make all classes. In this instance, use one name and one check/card. You will both register at the desk under that one name. Only one of you may attend any one class session.

To register for the lectures, call Laura Jackson (615)740-5533, for more information call, Camille Hickerson (615)740-5565 at the Renaissance Center.

Visit the Visual Arts Workshops page for more about the workshops.


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