Come see constructed assemblages, organic ceramics, and conceptual photography…

Release Date: 6/18/2009. Expired: 7/25/2009

The Renaissance Center is excited to announce three new eclectic exhibitions June 26th-July 25th in the Visual Art Gallery, East Wing Gallery, North Wing Gallery and Display Cases.

The Visual Arts Gallery presents the works of Nashville artist Jairo Prado. Prado’s assemblages and paintings create a complicated dichotomy between natural and constructed. Prado’s built two-dimensional pieces are complimented well by Memphis based artist Nancy White’s ceramic sculptures. White’s work is about the earth, and it’s inhabitants that live close to the ground or fly above it. Both artists’ work leaves slots of room for discussion and deep thought.

On display in the East Wing is former Renaissance Center curator, Armon Means. Means, now a resident of Manhattan, Kansas, questions our understanding of the world through images. His work deals with essential elements of design and image making, and the outcome is vivid minimalist photographs. This lets the viewers build a new relationship, not with the object itself, but with just the image placed in front of them.

The North Wing Gallery, features The Logo Project, an installation of photography and text by New Jersey artist, Craig Wallace Dale. Dale’s work questions our relationship to the logos we choose to wear such as Hollister, Tommy, Juicy, etc. In addition, Dale will be onsite June 27 from 11am-5pm and June 28 from noon-5pm, to make a free portrait for anyone wearing clothing with a predominant brand logo. 

A free open reception will take place from 6pm-9pm on June 26th. In addition the Center will have a grand viewing of the Jackson Brother’s bronze bust created by Roy Butler. The Firefly Fine Arts Festival will be taking place that weekend as well.  The Renaissance Center is an arts, technology education and performing arts center just 35 miles west of Nashville.

Visit the Visual Arts Gallery page for more about the gallery.


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