Over 100 works displayed in Renaissance Center Student Exhibit through April 19

Release Date: 3/19/2008. Expired: 4/19/2008

More than 100 pieces of art created by students at The Renaissance Center are on display through April 19.

The Student Exhibit opened March 14 and contains works representing the variety of art classes offered at the center for children and adults. The exhibit is open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday in the North Wing Gallery and North Wing Display Cases and admission is free.

“Each year students come through the doors of The Renaissance Center and into the classrooms of the Visual Arts Department. They work with materials set in the roots of art-making such as clay, charcoal, oil paint and graphite,” said Armon Means, curator and instructor at The Renaissance Center. “Children create masterpieces of crayon and glue – adults make multi-colored stained glass windows with painstaking precision. No matter the age group or medium used, these students all share a common passion and commitment to the visual arts.”

The Student Exhibit at The Renaissance Center includes works by:

North Wing Display Cases

3D Sculptures with Hannah Maxwell

Anna Carter

Jonah Carter

Gracey Law

Alexa Leach

Savannah Leach

Keaton Sample

Nick Scheldt

Adult and Children’s Pottery Classes with Anita Lewis

Tyler Willis

Amelia Upchurch

Ella Upchurch

Katelyn Woodward

Caleb Willis

Kayley Latham

Morgan Baker

Sawyer Latham

Jocelyn Jackson

Linda Baty

Darylin Parker

Yenny Walker

Catherine Matt

Justina Jones

Aura Lee Vorbusch

Walter Tinnin

Karen Qualls

Konrad Vorbusch

Michelle Mundell

Janice Shelton

Doug Franklin

Sharon Corlew

Tammy Rae

Donna Bradley

Jacobi Bell

Kayla Webster

Noah Carlton

Abby Webster

Wyatt Greer

Logan Work

American Indian Art with Penny Plumlee

Sara Rogan

Andrew Henson

Ann Marie Diamond

Ashley Hewison

Wade Hewison

North Wing Gallery

Palette Playhouse with Hannah Maxwell

Austin Campbell

Rachel Campbell

Jebidiah Cherois

Collins Kruse

Jacob Luffman

Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor with Julie Tucker

Helen Potts

Eileen Norman

Oil Painting with Hannah Maxwell

Rachel Moore

Stefani Stamm

Betsie Hines

Norma Brown

Barbara Fleming

How to Draw or Paint Anything with Terry Donaldson

Rae Ann Stutzman

Sarah Arnold

Norma Williams

Dale Sworts

Derek Peck

Sharon Deaton

Mary Smart

Art Through Literature with Hannah Maxwell

Viginia McKeel

Reagan Musick

Keaton Sample

Homeschool Art with Hannah Maxwell

Anna Rose DeBerry

Emily McKeel

Sarah Wheeler

Andrea Young

Artful Adventures with Hannah Maxwell

Alisun Hughes

Jed Jordan

Haley Mathis

Beginning Photography with Cathy Mumford

Emily Joyner

Kay McGranahan

Angela Frazier

Amber Hogin

Sharon Carty

Amanda Bowker

Robin Starr

Christina Sawyer

Amy Roberts

Ashley Richardson

Live Model Portraiture with Jonathan Bowers

Pamela Clarkson

Developmental Services Art with Hannah Maxwell

Aaron Adams

Clark Boyce

Janice Cohen

David Cude

Lemuel Cutslaw

James Felts

Jonathon French

Gary Greer

Anita Hendrixson

Charles Moore

Ocie Norman

Jean Poteet

Thelma Reed

Rosemary Richluck

Frankie Sutton

Judy Turner

Children’s Drawing and Painting with Hannah Maxwell

Clifton Cummings

Anna Rose DeBerry

Carolyn Diamond

Jared Hanson

Jonah Hanson

Lauren Hicks

Michael Kilian

Noah Mathes

Grayson Scott

Jessica Simmons

Addyson Skelton

Andrew Welch

Erin Young

Private Art Lessons

Grace Goad

Lindsey Greathouse

For more information on The Renaissance Center’s Student Exhibit open now through April 19, contact Means at (615) 740-5545 or armon.means@rcenter.org, or visit www.rcenter.org. The galleries of The Renaissance Center are open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday and admission is always free.

The Renaissance Center is a fine arts education and performing arts center at 855 Highway 46 South in Dickson, just 35 miles west of Nashville on Interstate 40 at exit 172.

Visit the Visual Arts Gallery page for more about the gallery.


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